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18 In 1 Violet Intense Shampoo and Hair Mask Brush Bundle Pack

18 In 1 Violet Intense Shampoo and Hair Mask Brush Bundle Pack


Know a blondie? Give them the gift of radiant, shiny and perfectly toned blonde hair this Christmas. If his/her hair is a very light blonde with an underlying yellow tone, you will be doing them a massive favour! Blonde hair can be extremely difficult to maintain, especially when life gets a bit crazy during the silly season. Your blonde friend or family member will be sure to appreciate this package that includes:

18 in 1 Intense Violet Shampoo and Mask 500ml

18 in 1 Intense Violet Shampoo is an advanced anti-yellow shampoo enriched with Australian Kakadu Plum, Argan Oil and Amino Acids. 18 in 1 Violet Shampoo combats yellow and brassy tones in the hair, depositing a cooler tone with its highly pigmented violet formula. The intense range is the new and improved version of 18 in 1 that performs a faster and deeper toning result on the hair. It instantly hydrates, cleanses and tones coloured hair.

The 18 in 1 Intense Violet Treatment Mask adds an extra nourishing element, also enriched with Australian Kakadu Plum, Argan Oil and Amino Acids. Not only does it tone while left in, it also hydrates and conditions the hair at the same time for fabulous results.

The intense shampoo and mask duo is the perfect yellow hair defence kit. Free of harmful sulfates, parabens and salts, 18 in 1 can also be used in conjunction with all keratin smoothing treatments.

They also deliver 18 benefits:

1. Eliminates yellow
2. Moisturises dry hair
3. Smooths rough hair
4. Moisturises instantly
5. Hydrates hair
6. Prevents split ends
7. Restores shine
8. Repairs damaged hair
9. Helps keep colour vibrant
10. Rebuilds tensile strength
11. Returns elasticity
12. Adds protective layer
13. Reduces hair breakage
14. Acts as a shield from harmful UV rays
15. Protects from environmental pollution
16. Prevents dryness in colour treated hair
17. Revitalises hairs natural protective layer
18. Reduces damage from chemical treatments

Glammar Tangle Tonic Purple

The Glammar Tangle Tonic will add an extra sweet touch to this ensemble. Not only will you be gifting beautifully toned hair, but also smooth, shiny and damage-free hair. It is effective at untangling hair with minimum tugging, reducing hair breakage and cuticle damage. The Tangle Tonic is specifically designed with teeth flex to protect the inner cortex of the hair from damage while gently massaging the scalp. The Tangle Tonic is a must-have for hair extension wearers.



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