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Silicone Express Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat (Black)

Silicone Express Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat (Black)

The Express Brush Cleaning Mat is an innovative device featuring 7 textures to wash and cleanse all types of makeup brushes. 

The mat includes suction cups on the back for easy placement on flat surfaces. 

Brush Cleaning How-To:

Place mat to fit in the up-right position in sink
Secure suction cups onto sink

Wet brush(es)
WASH – Add a small amount of cleaning solution and water to mat and swirl brush on ‘Wash’ texture to begin deep cleaning the brush(es).
RINSE (Face or Eyes Side) – Place brush under running water and sweep brush back and forth on the ‘Rinse’ texture of the mat to remove makeup residue & soap. 

Gently squeeze brush head with your hand to remove excess water.


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