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Garbo & Kelly-Selfie Halo Light
Garbo & Kelly-Selfie Halo Light


Garbo & Kelly-Selfie Halo Light

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No more angling for the right light - it's time to upgrade your selfie game. Garbo and Kelly Selfie Halo Light is a bright, flicker-free halo light for a professional effect. This portable light clips onto any smartphone, tablet or laptop with three levels of brightness so that you can get the perfect lighting, for every situation.


With 36 individual LED lights to give an even spread of light, Garbo and Kelly Selfie Halo Light can transform low light settings into that flattering, perfect glow. Perfect for taking selfies anywhere; whether you’re taking in the nightlife, the outdoors, traveling around, or simply having fun with friends.


Pro Tips & Tricks for the Garbo and Kelly Selfie Halo Light:

  • Keep face in top right or left corner.

  •  When taking a photo zoom in slightly.

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